ROV Operations
We offer ROV (remotely operated vehicle) charters for survey, search and recovery, and salvage. We can provide a turn-key solution using the R/V Panacea for Gulf of Alaska destinations, or mobilize to vessels of opportunity elsewhere. See map link here for past project locations in Alaska.

Eco-Exploration Excursions
Enjoy half-day or full day Eco-Excursions from Kodiak harbor to the surrounding islands and bays. View birds of the air, otters, seals, sea lions, and whales on the water, and underwater video (from our ROV) of rockfish, bottomfish, and the ocean bottom habitat. We also offer cruises to remove derelict ghost-fishing crab pots from king crab nursery grounds.

Vessel Charters
Our 11’x20’ work deck can be configured bare for cargo, sampling, or oceanographic mooring deployments, or with 5’x8’ or 7’x12’ sheds for work or overnight accommodations for up to 6 passengers. Over-the-side lift capability is provided by a hydraulic line puller and longline reel, plus a 4000# capacity electric winch. Twin diesels provide 17kt cruise speed.

Oceanographic Technology and Support
We have experience with design, fabrication, testing, and deployment of marine video, electronics, and structures. We have underwater acoustic tracking capabilities and integrated navigation software to log bottom locations and track lines.